Sinflex Paper Company, Inc.

Paper Products

Our Selection of Corrugated Cartons and Paper Products

Single face rolls of paper products available in custom lengths

Single Face Rolls
Ranging from 2" to 84" in width and 250 feet long. We have a wide selection of paper grades including colors and preprinted liners. Custom lengths are available up to 1,000 feet per roll.

Cohesive Corrugated Wrap
Fast, economical, either by hand or machine, single-face cohesive, coated with cold seal adhesive so corrugated—it sticks to itself, not your product. Wrap and seal items without tape, staples, or glue. Available in sheets or rolls. The rolls can also be perforated at desired lengths.

Cohesive corrugated wrap with seal adhesive

Single face corrugated cartons and paper products

Single-Face Corrugated Cartons
Single-face corrugated cartons can give you that earthy look with the flutes on the outside, also a great look for samples with herbal ingredients. Cartons can be manufactured with a brilliant white or brown kraft. Please ask if you need help designing a carton for your products.

Scored Single Face
Scored single-face corrugated trays or top and bottom caps. Great for superior shop absorption. Also, these can be manufactured with brilliant white or brown kraft.

Scored single face trays or caps

Single face tubes and paper products for shipping

Single Face Tubes
Prescored, pretaped single-face corrugated tube. Open to square shape or leave flat and can be sealed in many ways. Available in sizes from 1 7/8" x 1 7/8" to 6 3/8" x 6 3/8" in 250 foot rolls. Can also be precut.

Single-Face Die Cuts
Single-face corrugated die cut inserts superb protection with extra package appeal. They are great for cosmetics, perfumes, personal care and grooming items, pharmaceuticals, and similar fragile merchandise or containers. Designed to your product specifications.

Single face die cut insert paper products

Logs and posts for shipping local or overseas

Logs and Post
Single face, rolled, and glued. Low cost, heavy-duty ideal for disposable pallets, overseas shipments and separating bales or units in warehouse. Also used for the inner portion of corrugated reels.